Fresh Cut Flowers


What is a fresh cut flower farm?

We are a fresh cut flower farm located in Oakdale, California. This means we aren't like typical florists! What makes us unique is that we grow and sell only the flower cultivated and produced on our farm. This means we are at the mercy of our field and can only provide what is blooming week by week. When we make flower arrangements we harvest the evening before or will wake up early and harvest to ensure that the blooms are as fresh as possible. 


  When customers ask for specific bouquets pictured months before on our instagram and or facebook feeds; you now know why this is impossible. This also means that we will never promise to provide you with a specific flower that we aren't absolutely sure will be blooming when you need it. 

We do promise that each bouquet you take home is cultivated with love, will be beautiful, and will be fresh. 








Special Orders

This is perfect if you need custom flower arrangements for a special event such as a baby shower, graduation party, or birthday party. This allow for custom colors and vase types. Special orders now start at $25.

Buckets of Blooms

Do you prefer to DIY your flower arrangement but just want beautiful quality flowers to use? If so, this option is perfect for you! This allows  you to choose your color pallet and flower varieties and receive them in buckets of water ready to arrange! 

Wrapped Bouquets

Need flowers on the go?  Headed to a graduation, ballet recital, first date and need a wrapped arrangement of local, fresh blooms? Wrapped bouquets are customizable and allow you to pick your color palette. These easy to transport blooms start at $20.


Spring Blooms: 




Specialty Tulips 


Summer + Fall Blooms: 







Our farmstand is located in the same parking lot as the Oakdale Cheese & Specialties Factory.We will provide fresh seasonal blooms during the spring, summer, and fall months.


Farmstand Hours:


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