Guidelines and Rules

We love sharing the beauty and joy of the flower farm with other although we have a few guidelines for you to please follow in order to continue to allow people to use our field. 
* We cannot control Mother Nature. We are a working flower farm, we cannot guarantee what specific flowers will be in bloom at any given time. We are constantly ripping out old, unsellable flowers to continue to produce new flowers for the coming months.

* Photography sessions are by appointment only! Photographers are asked to call or text 209-602-8006 to secure your date. 

*Our photography fee is $50 per hour.

*Our payment methods include Venmo or invoice via email (if you need to be invoiced its an additional $5.) Payments must be submitted in order to secure your session date. This fee is non-refundable.

* Please park in the front gravel lot and walk back to the flower field. This keep cars from entering our flower field and potentially hitting irrigation lines. 

* Please do not leave any trash in our field or parking lot.

* Our bathroom is not available to the public or available to use during photo sessions. 

* While we love our furry friends, we kindly ask that you do not bring your dogs to the flower field. 

* No smoking, drinking alcohol, or littering in our field. 

*The bees love our flowers! If you are allergic please bring your Epipen just in case you get stung. Remember you are in their habitat so please just be aware of them. 

* Please be respectful and stay in the flower rows, do not cross paths or jump over rows.
*Please be careful where you step while we try to keep the rows even and easy to walk through there are the occasional dip and divot. 

*Please be mindful of where the irrigation drip tape is, it is easy to get it caught under your foot and trip! 

*Please review the release of liability form and fill it out (both the photographer & client) and return to us 3-5 days prior your session. 

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