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What is a Fresh Cut Flower Farm?

First, I was to start off my saying hello! It has been awhile since we last put up a blog post and so we thought it was a great time to get back into the swing of things and post again. We are constantly busy with other aspects of the flower farm that the blog. gets pushed to the back burner most of the time. I think about it often but execute it rarely.

I thought today's post was perfect because we get so many questions regarding our flower farm and what it is, so we felt this was the perfect opportunity to address those questions.

We are a fresh cut flower farm. We are open seasonally to the public but work all year round behind the scenes cultivating and caring for the flowers. We are very unique because we only sell what we grow. We aren't like traditional florist who have multiple varieties and colors of flower readily available for sale. We are different in the respect that we are at the total mercy of the field and mother nature. We are in zone 9b, so cut flower varieties that are growable to our area during each season is what we will grow. We plant flowers with 3 criteria in mind; long stems, great vase life, and beautiful blooms.

Another common name we go by are Farmer-Florists which essentially means we grow the flowers but we also arrange them and cultivate beauty for others by assembling the flowers we grow in vases, crowns etc.. We sell our flowers in vases or wrapped bouquets to the public at our farmstand, the farmers market, and through special orders.

We are the start and finish when it comes to flowers. We seed all our flowers in our garage using premium potting soil. Once each little seed is tucked into their tray we move them to heat mats and impatiently wait for them to germinate. After a few days they are moved under grow lights until they are big enough to survive in the field.

Depending on the variety and quantity, we plant them in the field either next to our house or on the land next to the farmstand. There they will have the proper water and to grow and flourish until they reach full maturity and its time to harvest them. Then when they are bursting open we harvest them in the cool of the day (early morning or evening) to ensure happy flowers and customers.

We constantly get feedback from customers that our flowers last soo long! Did you know that 80% of flowers are imported into the United States from other countries? So you have to think of the life the flowers have already had before they even reach your table. They have been drenched in chemicals to keep them alive while they travel hundreds of thousands of miles from far away places to come here.

We rise early in the morning and go harvest for that days customers and special orders. So the flowers life is just beginning after it's been cut. This is what makes our flowers more valuable and what gives us piece of mind. We only want to provide lasting flowers so our customers can enjoy them for the entirety of their vase life. We encourage you to not only support local flower farms but other local businesses in your area! We appreciate your support more than you will ever know and your support means we get to continue farming and providing beautiful flowers for our customers the next growing season!

Talk to you soon flower friends!

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