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March Recap!

WOAH this month has been nothing short of crazy! We are ready for the crazy to be over! Today I got up and put on makeup just to divide dahlia tubers. The tubers don't care what I look like but I just desperately wanted a sense of something normal. I didn't go too far to put on regular clothes, my comfy clothes were too cozy to get out of, but makeup was a step in the right direction? Right?!

Ranunculus and Anemones

Our ranunculus rows were in full bloom this month and we were able to harvest to much color and joy from the field. Last spring was our first spring flower farming and our ranunculus harvest was not nearly as beautiful and bountiful as this year. We were honestly a little scared becuase of our bad experience last year, to see how this year turned out. We were very pleasantly surprised with the beautiful colors and stem length. We really considered this a big spring time WIN! Even the Anemones surprised us as I talked about a week of so ago in our instagram post. We were happy with the stem length unlike last years unsuccessful crop. We purchased alot of different varieties in smaller quantities from different suppliers! This allowed us to trial different colors out and see what grew best in our area and what gave us the best stem length! (One of our favorites is Mambo, 5th row down, very right picture!)

Dahlia Update

All our new dahlia tubers are planted and we couldn't be more excited. Wether we like it or not the dahlias are coming this summer- despite everything going on we have to proceed like normal and prepare for when this shelter in place is lifted and our small business can resume normal activity. We planted 6 rows of 250 ft. and we still have a few more rows for the dahlias that I divided over winter (and am still dividing) to be planted. I was excited that a lot of the tubers I divided were successful and had viable eyes/ new growth. Because we had such an abundance of tubers and the companies that we purchased from has minimum orders- it left us with a lot more tubers than we could handle.

Dahlia Plants

With the amazing response you guys had to our potted ranunculus and anemones we decided to POT UP DAHLIA TUBERS! This seems small but its exciting that we are able to provide you guys with dahlia plant that you guys can plant in your yard and enjoy them all summer long!

Second Row- Far Left Photo gives a sneak peak of the dahlia tubers potted up that will soon be for sale! More details about how to purchase them and pick them up will be coming in the next few weeks. For now we are waiting and watching them grow and turn into beautiful plants!

Self Serve

This month you guys have showed us so much love and support and we are truly grateful! We have seen an increase in social media followers and more and more people learning about us and supporting our local farm! We are currently closed for now due to COVID-19 but we are continuing to plan, seed and prepare for summer! If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at 209-840-4995 or

Enjoy the beauty below!

Until next month flower friends! Hopefully we will be coming to you with better news and a re-opening date! For the most up to date information follow us on our Instagram or Facebook!


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