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February Recap!

I can't believe it is March already! I am completely bias and love March because its my birthday month! Woot Woot 21! Some of my other favorite things about March is that the great dahlia planting happens the week of my birthday. Spring break hits and we go into crazy dahlia mode, planting, labeling, and covering them from any potential rain until they sprout (which sadly doesn't look like a problem this year.) Be on the look out for some fun photos on our social media pages.

We had a great February though, we were happily surprised that our prayers were answered and we had tulips blooming the week of Valentine's Day. It is a hard holiday for flower farmers to meet the demand for flowers because most of the time the flowers haven't started blooming yet. But we are excited for our season for official begin soon! We miss the busy days harvest, processing, and arranging flowers. The break is much needed and enjoyed but after a while we start to miss all the beautiful flowers in bloom.

We have been seed starting like crazy and have so much to look forward to this season! Our ranunculus are finally starting to form buds after what seemed like forever. We were worried with this weather that is would badly effect them considering they are a "cool flower" and thrive in the cooler weather. Which hasn't been the case for us this January and February, unfortunately, with warmer weather and little to no rain we are interested to see how the season goes! Hopefully the ranunculus will be bountiful with blooms soon so we can share their beauty. Our crop last year was less than desirable, due to farmer error (us) meaning we didn't plant them earlier enough! They produced short stems and by the time they were blooming it was already getting too warm for them. We were determined this year would be better and we are hoping this is true! On the other hand, our anemones are loving the weather, they are blooming like crazy and have an incredible vase life. If you need an arrangement with anemones or anemones by the stem feel free to reach out and we can let you know our availability -(209) 840-4995 or message us on instagram!

February is also a beautiful time in the Central Valley because all the almonds are in bloom! This is one of my favorite things about my hometown! Besides all this fun stuff, its been a pretty slow month! Next month is going to be crazy, so we are enjoying the slower pace for now. In March, Dahlias go into the ground and we couldn't be happier or more excited for dahlia season! We have 40 new varieties we are adding into our field, it's going to be dahlia madness! So many favorites we have been eyeing and we cant wait to share! Below is a sneak peek of some of our favorites we are offering this summer!

Chat with you next month friends! Until then have a blessed March and thank you for following along on this flower farming journey with us!


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