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What is in our gardening apron?

August 24, 2018


Every time we go out into the field we wear our gardening aprons to be adequately prepared to tend to the flowers to the best of our abilities. But it is hard to lug all that stuff out into the field and carry it around from flower to flower, row to row. We love our aprons; they are HANDMADE by mymamasapronstrings on Etsy. The owner, Nora, was amazing to work with and super friendly and accommodating. She worked with me to design and create the perfect apron for my mom for Mother's Day. It has two flap pockets that stay shut with buttons along with two bigger pockets and two smaller ones. As you can see, the apron holds a generous amount of tools and supplies and is perfect for gardening. We have some essentials that we always use, I will discuss and link them down below. 



These are perfect for keeping your hands moderately clean but I mostly use them for cleaning up the flower beds of weeds. When planting I usually don't, only because I like to be as delicate as I can with the flowers especially if they are little (sometimes the gloves just get clunky when handling petite flowers.) We aren't particular with the brand of gloves we use, just anything cheap that will get the job done. The one thing we are particular about is that they are NOT all cloth gloves, they must have that rubber lining around the inner part of our fingers and hands. 


The biggest reason we use our phones in the garden is for flower identification. If we see a plant forming but do not know what the end result will be we just pull out our phones and do a quick google search! (so quick and easy!) The convenience of google is life changing especially when we have many different varieties of flowers in the field. The second thing we use our phones for in the field is simply taking photos of our flowers' progress (and beauty!) Its easy for us to snap a picture of our flowers and our phones are so nice that they track the date the photo is taken. So in future years, we can look back and see when things were blooming when and if we are on schedule or behind schedule for our flowers blooming. 


These are great for deadheading and pruning flowers, they cut clean and precise. They have small blades so they aren't as clunky as regular pruners. These are kept in a protected sleeve in our aprons, because they are so sharp they will poke you if not kept in the case. 


OKAY, lets talk about these pruners. First, they are quite expensive but, are they worth it?. These are my mom's clippers, they were a gift for her birthday. They are the Felco F-7 Pruners with the rotating handle. The purpose of the rotating handle is to give you continuous comfort for long time pruning and clipping. Which is great because sometimes we harvest flowers for 2-3 hours in the morning or evening. Some people don't like them because they can feel weird in your hand when the pruners are moving around if they are not used to it. They provide a smooth, sharp cut on all the flower stems, which is great for maximum stem strength and hydration. They are for sure worth it and my biggest tip if you are thinking about purchasing these pruners is to look on amazon and watch the prices because they are normally on some kind of sale. Don't buy them full price, wait for the sale! They have 4.5 stars on Amazon so I guess we aren't the only ones who are in love with these pruners! (Link on the photo above)

5. Long Nose Shovel 

These were a total target steal! 3 dollars at target, how awesome! Of course they are a seasonal find, they were in stock during the spring months. But I have found some more expensive ones online that I will link! The closest thing to this shovel is a "Japanese Hori Hori Knife." They are very popular among flower farmers because of the depth of the blade. They also have measurements on them because many flowers or seeds have specific depths they need to be planted at, so this is a very convenient feature of the Japanese Hori Hori Knife.

6. Name Tags and Pencils 

Last, but certainly not least on the list of important garden tools. Name tags for each variety of flower is essential to know where and what you have planted to keep track of the growing process. The three key things we put on the tag are 1. The name of the flower/variety. 2. The date we planted it in the field. 3. The place where we got the flower or seed. This is important especially for first year farmers like us because if a flower or seed isn't growing good in our fields we want to know what flower variety it is so we can either try a different environment for it next year or take it off our plant list. 











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