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Business Bouquet Subscriptions 


Who are we? 

We are a fresh cut flower farm in Oakdale located out by the Oakdale Cheese and Specialties Factory! We are the mother- daughter duo, Lisa and Alyssa McPhee; we own and love this local Oakdale business! We grow all our flowers on the 4.5 acres to the right of the factory and we only sell what we grow. We grow popular flowers that grow well in zone 9b. We plant with 3 factors in mind! Beautiful blooms, long stem length, and great vase life! 


Why choose local? 

We hear from many of our customers that our flowers last so much longer than flowers from the grocery store! Which is very true! But you have to think about it, our flowers are harvested fresh every morning and sold the same day. 80% of the flowers in the United States are imported from other countries. They have been harvested, drenched in chemical, and shipped for long periods of time so they have already had a life outside of grocery store walls! We love to cultivate and provide fresh beautiful flowers for those in our community. 


What we offer? 

We would love to deliver fresh blooms once, twice, or three times a month in your local Oakdale business! Depending on what is blooming in the field each week the colors and flower will change! This will last until middle to end of October! 


Please enjoy this free sample bouquet! 


Bouquets once a month will start at $35 including delivery! 

Bouquets twice a month will start at $80 including delivery!