Do you allow people in the field?

We do not allow people in the field. It is a huge liability for us to allow people to be in the field and so we ask that you please do not go into the field. The best way to experience our field is to sign up for one of our many workshops throughout the season.

Do you do flowers for weddings?

We do not do flowers for weddings. Due to the fact that my mom and I are the only ones who work at the flower farm it is too much for us to take on full install weddings. We however, provide buckets of blooms, this allows for you to still have fresh farm grown flowers for your wedding. This is perfect for a bride who loves to DIY or if you have a floral designer that can design the flowers for you! 

Do you allow photographers to take photos in your field?

We do allow photographers in the field! We love seeing the beauty of our field come to live through photography and seeing all the beautiful smiling faces amongst the flowers bring us so much joy! We do have some policies and procedures that we ask for all photographers to follow. For more information please click here to read more about how to schedule a photoshoot. 

What workshops do you have coming up?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we have canceled all our workshops through the fall. We hope to start hosting workshops again in 2021! 
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Our Store

Farmstand Hours


Address: 10040 Hwy 120 
Oakdale, CA 94928
Phone: 209-840-4995
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Self Serve from 10am-5pm
Tuesday- Closed 
Wednesday: Self Serve Stand 10am-5pm
Friday- Self Serve from 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
If you ever need flowers on a day we aren't "open" we are always at the field so please contact us on social media or call 209-840-4995 and we would be happy to put an arrangement together for you. 
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