Do you allow people in the field?

We do not allow people in the field. It is a huge liability for us to allow people to be in the field and so we ask that you please do not go into the field. The best way to experience our field is to sign up for one of our many workshops throughout the season.

Do you do flowers for weddings?

We do not do flowers for weddings. Due to the fact that my mom and I are the only ones who work at the flower farm it is too much for us to take on full install weddings. We however, provide buckets of blooms, this allows for you to still have fresh farm grown flowers for your wedding. This is perfect for a bride who loves to DIY or if you have a floral designer that can design the flowers for you! 

Do you allow photographers to take photos in your field?

We only allow professional photographers in the field! We love seeing the beauty of our field come to live through photography and seeing all the beautiful smiling faces amongst the flowers bring us so much joy! We do have some policies and procedures that we ask for all photographers to follow. For more information please click here to read more about how to schedule a photoshoot. 

What workshops do you have coming up?

We have no workshops scheduled at this time. If you would like to book a private workshop that is definitely an option.

Where can I find flowers this week?

We are currently putting self serve out on Wednesday and Saturday at 10am. For more information about when flowers are available please follow us on social media or join our newsletter. 

How do I order flowers for a special occassion?

You can place an order for a special occasion like anniversary, birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower etc. by calling us at 209-840-4995. Special order arrangements start at $20 for wrapped arrangements and $25 for vase arrangements-due to prices increases from COVID our supplies have increased their prices and therefore we must do the same.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

It depends on how many bouquets you need. If you are placing an order for 3 or more bouquets we ask that you give us at least a week notice. If you only need an arrangement for a birthday or anniversary we are able to plan best on 2-3 days notice.